What is 116 000?

What is 116 000?

The 116 000 telephone line is the hotline number in case of missing children. It is active in 32 countries in Europe and aims to provide immediate assistance to children and people affected by disappearances.

In Switzerland

In 2017, OFCOM (Federal Office of Communications) entrusted Missing Children Switzerland with the responsibility of the 116 000 hotline for the whole of Switzerland. We operate this 24/7 hotline in four languages throughout the year.

On a daily basis, our work involves accompanying young people and supporting their families during their child's absence. We also offer assistance to young people and parents when they return home.

We provide emotional support and assistance in the steps to be taken when a child is a victim of parental abduction. We work in collaboration with the International Social Service (ISS) in Geneva, which is our specialised partner in this field.

The time factor is absolutely crucial in this type of disappearance. We provide emotional support to the parent(s). In order to assist the police in their search work, we are activating our national and international network to increase the visibility of missing persons reports.

In Europe

The 116 000 hotline network is present in 32 European countries. It is coordinated by our umbrella organisation Missing Children Europe to assist people affected by a disappearance across the continent.

Missing Children Europe's activities aim to support and improve the quality of services provided by the 116 000 hotlines in Europe.

Compliance with the quality criteria published by this parent association ensures that children and families throughout Europe will have access to the same quality of services to face their difficulties.

Missing Children Europe also collects data collected by the organisations in charge of hotlines in the different countries in order to compile statistics and publish studies on the phenomenon of missing minors in Europe.

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