What is 116 000?

What is 116 000?

You can call, we're here for you.

In Switzerland

The Federal Office of Communication has entrusted the responsibility for this emergency service to Missing Children Switzerland, which works on these 5 themes:


Of endangerment and respect for the rights of the child (CRC based)*.
Prevention of parental abduction
Prevention of recurrence of runaways


Emotional support
Administrative assistance and legal advice
Help in locating the child
Establishing regular contact between the abducted child and the parent left behind


Emotional support and family guidance
Managing the waiting period
Help in locating the child
Preparation for the return
Long-term support from a partner

+ on emergency aid

AWARENESS-RAISING AND LOBBYING are the first steps towards raising the awareness of the public and its official representatives. We alert public opinion to the phenomenon of missing minors and participate in a global reflection on this issue with our authorities.

In Europe

This professional emergency service is active in 32 European countries. It is managed independently by NGOs such as ours.

Missing Children Europe's activities aim to support and improve the quality of services provided by the 116 000 hotlines in Europe.

Compliance with the quality criteria published by this parent association ensures that children and families throughout Europe will have access to the same quality of services to face their difficulties.

Missing Children Europe also collects data collected by the organisations in charge of hotlines in the different countries in order to compile statistics and publish studies on the phenomenon of missing minors in Europe.

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