Hotline 116 000

Hotline 116 000

24/7 assistance to prevent or manage the disappearance of minors in Switzerland. Professional multilingual service - FREE OF CHARGE

A missing child or a missing teenager

In Switzerland, more than 25,000 young people disappear each year. Most return home after a few days or weeks. But for others, things are unfortunately not that simple. Our team contacts them to keep a lifeline and make sure they are safe. We also works in the prevention and management of parental abduction by defending the rights of minors and providing immediate support to their parents.

My child is missing: what can I do?

In the event of a disappearance, every minute counts! Emergency measures are important to save time. Call 116 000 for immediate assistance.

I’ve run away: who can help me?

We are here for you. First of all, make sure you are safe. You can reach us 24/7 on the 116 000 Hotline.

Preparing is protecting my child

By grasping certain principles, a child can detect a potential danger on his or her own and react to it in an appropriate way. Here are some key elements that may prove valuable.

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Frequently asked questions - FAQs

Is it necessary to wait before reporting a disappearance? Why contact the police? There are no wrong questions when a child's safety is at stake. Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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